How Times Change

As time progressed and the members of the Hawthorne Society grew in power and in reputation, certain members found other goals and objectives that were not in keeping with the primary objectives of the society. Because of this, Sir Samael decided to recruit new members to replace them.

Xook decided to focus on the family business and endeavored to pursue objectives closer to Drakesbury and building his information network in the surrounding areas. While Sir Samael greatly appreciated Xook’s contributions to the society, he decided to look for a healer that could tend his wounds in battle instead. As luck would have it, the Society’s reputation had spread to the point that adventurers that wished to prove themselves made their way to the doors of the Hawthorne Manor House. Elaine Benoit was one such person. She was a promising young healer and while she was a little to intelligence for Samael’s liking, she would do just fine.

Holly disappeared rather mysteriously. She was prone to long absences with no explanation, so no one was surprised when no one could find her at first, but after a month or so, people began to talk. Sir Samael was unable to find a suitable replacement for Holly, so he had to settle for a large oaf named Granite. Granite isn’t very smart, but he has no problem standing in front of Samael and that suits his needs.

Oris stated that he felt a need to pursue more spiritual goals. So on short notice, he packed a few meager belongings, leaving his impressive collection of ritual books to his potential successor and left for a sabbatical. It was common knowledge that Oris was a spiritual being, so this surprised no one, but there have been a few very disturbing rumors of him that make their way back to the society about Oris, hookers and blow… Oris leaving didn’t bother Samael one bit; he always thought Oris was a bit to much of a “do-gooder”, and was glad to be free of the Deva. Finding a replacement was easy, but unfortunate. The duke had a pet wizard that he used as a bounty hunter of sorts. He was a skilled wizard to be sure, but the drawback was that the wizard was thoroughly insane. So when the duke died and his son, the king-to-be, sent Tim the wizard to the Hawthorne Society to assist them, it could have been politically disastrous not to accept the addled old Genasi.

And so it came to pass that the only active members of the Hawthorne Society were Sir Samael the human sorcerer and Ira the half-orc ranger.



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