The World According to Tim

The World According to Tim…

It was a devastating loss for Tim when the Duke was killed. It was the Duke that found Tim after the tragic events that led to the destruction of his previous party and the Duke that took Tim under his wing ever since.

After the Duke died, Tim wasn’t sure what to do with himself. He had worked for the Duke for years as a sort of royal bounty hunter and he never had much interaction with the Duke’s son.

Tim knew that it didn’t help matters at all that he was commonly considered to be insane. While it is true that the entire world did seem a little foggy to Tim, the fact of the matter is that it couldn’t be farther from the truth though he could see how others might think he was insane. Tim had tried in the past, without success, to explain to others that he was one of only a few people that could see these giant rodents because of his finely tuned arcane perception, his connection with other planes and his brush in the past with these nasty invaders. It would be simple for Tim to leave this forsaken plane for a more conducive elemental plane, but after what these invaders did to his party so many years ago, he vowed he would do everything in his power to stop them.

Luckily, Tim was not the only one that was on to them… There were others that knew what was going on; plenty of them. Tim was part of a powerful, but secretive group whose goal was to fight these invaders and prevent them from infesting this plane and taking it over. The group was so secret; they didn’t even know each other. They had the means to communicate silently so Tim was able to hear them in his head. Tim hasn’t quite mastered this “trick” yet and unfortunately he often answers back out loud and catches the attention of those around him.

Despite the challenges, Tim had enjoyed a small amount of success in the past: There was the time in the Arcanum library Tim cornered on of them and blew the hell out of it. It was then he discovered that the liberal application of energies from his native plane could go a long way towards destroying these creatures. This didn’t earn him any friends at the library and now there were apprentices following him around every time he entered the Arcanum. One day he would show them…

Tim’s life changed after the newly crowned king assigned him to assist the Hawthorne Society in an urgent mission. The Hawthorne Society was a group of young but skilled heroes that had seen a great deal of recent success in aiding the kingdom. Tim knew the assignment was probably just a ploy to get him out of Drakesbury after a rash of recent fires that were falsely attributed (for the most part) to Tim, but it was just as well as Tim had a dream that his path to stopping the invaders was best served by joining the group.

It had been a long time since Tim had been a member of a group. This caused a small amount of consternation from the party as a result of Tim’s predilection to blow things up. Inevitably, a portion of the party would be included in a blast here or there and they would get all sensitive about it. Part of this was the fault of the block head appropriately named Granite. Instead of standing in front of Tim like he should, he had a way of running out in the middle of the biggest group of enemies he could find. Naturally, Tim would want to blow them up and sometimes Tim failed to resist the urge to include some of his party in the blast.

There is another caster named Samael in the party. Tim suspects Samael of being part the effort to stop the invader infestation. Tim has no proof, but he has witnessed Samael talking to himself on numerous occasion which is an obvious sign of Samael receiving information and orders from other members of the secretive organization. Samael is is a good guy to have on the team. He blows things up well and aside from being a bit of a dandy, he can hold his own. (Sometimes known as “The bossy one” or “Sir Fancy pants”)

There is also a healer named Haiyou who always looks at Tim sorta funny, so he has avoided her for the most part. Tim thinks the half orc (named Ira, aka “Sir Slicey” or “The ugly one”) in the party might be a little insane. One time Tim blew him up (just a little bit), and Tim could swear he saw the orc smile just a little bit.



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