An eccentric elderly genasi wizard who has harnessed great knowledge and power in a seemingly frail frame.


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Tim is an elderly genasi male. Like all storm genasi, his skin has a light bluish tint. His exposed skin isn’t wrinkled, but it is cracked and below the cracks, there seems to be a darker blue substance that glows occasionally as if electrical currents were coursing throughout his body. He has long steel grey hair with a matching beard and mustache. Currents of electricity constantly flow through his hair and over any exposed skin. He has blue eyes that are often staring off into space when he is not interacting with someone and when he is interacting with someone, they are darting around as if he has no idea where he is and he is trying to find a frame of reference.

Tim doesn’t have the best memory. That may seem to be an odd trait for your average wizard, but then again, Tim isn’t your average wizard. To start with, his name isn’t Tim. The problem is that Tim doesn’t remember what his real name is. Years ago Tim was a member of an adventuring group which was decimated by a mighty beast and the mage presently known as Tim was the only member to survive. Unfortunately, he did not survive unscathed. He remembers very little of the battle that killed his fellow adventures and nothing of his life before that time. He only has what others describe as an unreasonable fear of rabbits and other rabbit-like rodents.

Not long after the battle that left Tim addled, he was discovered by Duke Thomas while the duke was on a quest to find an ancient artifact. Tim, still scarred from the battle with the mighty creature, was in a crazed state, spinning around and blowing everything up in sight with arcane explosions. The duke managed to calm him down enough to ask his name. The mage stood dumbstruck for a long moment realizing that he had no recollection of his name or his life previous to the recent events. Luckily, Tim was not one to let something as trivial as a lack of information impede him from knowing the answer to even the most complicated issues so he informed them his name was “Tim” and the name has stuck with him ever since.

The duke was at a loss in his quest for the artifact, so he asked Tim about it. Tim realized at that moment that this would be an ideal opportunity to exact revenge upon the foul beast that laid low his party and so he directed the duke and his companions to the lair of the beast. The beast was far worse that Tim had remembered it and it savagely ripped apart half of the duke’s party mere in moments. This pushed Tim over the edge and what little sanity he had left escaped him then and there. The duke was not to be sidetracked from his quest, so he had minions escort Tim to Drakesbury to be looked after while he continued on his quest with the remainder of his companions.

It took Tim a long time to recover from those events and there are many that will insist he has never recovered. Children around the town have an odd attraction to the “insane old mage” that is often seen wandering around town muttering nonsensical things to himself and often out loud. He has been known to get into loud shouting matches with someone else named Tim when no one else seems to be around. The children love spying on him and there have been many contests to see who could get the closest before Tim discovers them and shoos them away with a small shock designed to keep them away, but not hurt them enough to get him arrested. Other mages around town are not as fond of him. Things have a way of blowing up in Tim’s presence and most of the time no one has any idea what he is talking about. There is an apprentice assigned to follow Tim around the Conlegium Arcanum at all times when Tim is present, just in case a fire starts or something blows up.

For some unknown reason the duke had a soft spot for Tim. Once Tim had recovered enough to get up and around, the duke sent Tim on small errands that required a mage. Tim did well on all tasks given to him and over time the duke trusted him with more and more difficult tasks. Tim had a knack for finding people others could not and so the duke depended on Tim as a bounty hunter for years. Tim built himself a strong reputation as a relentless and dangerous bounty hunter really without meaning to. The only bounty he failed to collect was that of a rabbit breeder that lived just outside of town. It is a mystery to everyone how he failed such a simple bounty.

With the death of the duke, it seems that everyone has forgotten about Tim for the most part. He was a personal favorite of the dukes, but now that the duke is gone, Tim is basically on his own.


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