Duke of Coryn

His Grace, Thomas Fitzdrake, Sixth Duke of Coryn


Paladin of Erathis


Duke Thomas was the last Duke of Coryn. In the spring 1107, he was killed during a civil war / insurrection led by self-styled “Prince” John, of a cadet line of the Dukes of Coryn. “Prince” John was then killed by the heroes of the Hawthorne Society, who also recovered the ancestral crown of Kaeryn, the kingdom that preceded the modern Coryn. Thomas’s son Richard was then crowned as the first King of Coryn.

At the time of his death, Duke Thomas was a human male in his mid-fifties, about 5’10" tall with broad shoulders and a build that ran more to muscle than to flab. His hair was raven black in his youth, but by 1107 it was streaked with gray at the temples and his trimmed beard was almost entirely gray. He had gray eyes, and projected a solid sense of power and wisdom.

He was the Duke of Coryn for nearly twenty years, taking the coronet at the death of his father who was killed leading a force of men to stop an invasion of gnolls from from The Wild. He was a wise ruler and his reign was marked mostly by prosperity and peace.

Duke of Coryn

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