The Dwimmer Vale has been settled by the civilized races for thousands of years. Before the Empire of Nerath, it was the Old Kingdom of Kærin. During the reign of the Empire of Nerath it was the Province of Corinus. It was a very prosperous province, dealing mostly in wool and timber, and silver from mines in the Mithral Mountains at the northern edge.

After the fall of the Empire of Nerath the entire area was overrun by waves of savage, bestial creatures: orcs, goblinoids, and creatures even more foul. It was a dark and terrible time for civilization, but people huddled behind stout walls and fought for a living as best they could.

The Duchy of Coryn came into being 120 years ago with Lord William Fitzroy, scion of a cadet branch of the royal house of Lendour. Lord William, a paladin of Erathis, sailed up the River Dwimmer with a cohort of his own men-at-arms, setting out from Lendour, weeks away at the mouth of the River. Over three years of campaigning in the Dwimmer Vale, Lord William and his warriors managed to beat back the orcish and goblin hordes and gain control of the vale. Lord William changed his name to Fitzdrake and became the first duke of Coryn,

The main town and seat of the rulers of the Duchy of Coryn is the walled town of Drakesbury. The rural areas surrounding Drakesbury are fertile farmland, cultivated under a system of manorialism. The population of the Duchy of Coryn is roughly 24,000 people, with 8000 in and around Drakesbury, and an additional 16,000 in the rest of the duchy.

The most recent duke was His Grace, Thomas Fitzdrake, sixth Duke of Coryn. His son and heir was Richard Fitzdrake, known as Lord Drake.

Duke Thomas died recently in an attempt at usurpation by a distant relative. Lord Drake was to be made the seventh Duke of Coryn, however before that happened, the Crown of Kaerin was restored and instead he was crowned His Majesty, King Richard Fitzdrake, first King of Coryn.

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