The upper Dwimmer Vale lies at what was once the north-eastern territory of the empire of Nerath, named after the River Dwimmer which winds its way through the vale. From its source at Lake Evendim deep in the Twilight Forest, the river winds southwest, then west then nearly south again to the sea, many days journey away.

To the east of the Dwimmer Vale foothills rise to the Wyvernspire Mountains, an imposing continental divide. East of the mountains is The Wild, beyond where even the empire of Nerath set foot, inhabited by orcs, goblins and other, less savory creatures.

To the north is the Twilight Forest which stretches northwards to the foothills of the Mithral Mountains. Hidden deep in the northeast region of the forest is Lake Evendim, the source of the River Dwimmer.

The rolling, fertile landscape of the vale stretches westward for a few days journey to the eaves of the Howling Forest, a vast untamed land that divides the continent. At one time, roads built by the Empire of Nerath allowed travelers to cross in safety, but they have been all but obliterated.

To the south is the Haunted Moor, rocky hills with hard, poor soil covered with bracken, sedge and heath which give way to sucking peat bogs in the lowlands. On the tops of many of the tors are the barrow mounds of kings long dead even before the time of the Empire of Nerath. Their spirits are said to still haunt the moorlands.



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