Holywell is a suburb of Drakesbury, across the River Dwimmer to the east. At the south end of the suburb is a stand of old growth evergreens and within that stand is The Holy Well, a spring that has been a sacred site for thousands of years. It is from this that the suburb takes its name.

Along the riverside are the docks for riverboats plying their trade up and down the River Dwimmer and nearby are the warehouses of the larger trading companies. Near the bridge into town, north of the main road is a large, walled compound which houses the Caravanserai, a stopover and waystation for traders coming into Drakesbury.

The finest black smithies and armories are located in Holywell and the suburb has a comparatively large population of dwarves. By ducal decree, tanning and parchment making are relegated to the suburb as well. At the eastern edge is a livery stable, which sells the best mounts in the area.



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