Loot and XP

XP: 192865 updated after 5/6/2012

Queen’s Staff+4
Bloodiron Lancing Dagger +5
Hedge Wizard’s Gloves
Crown of the Brilliant Sun (paragon)
Bracelet of the radiant storm
Spark Slippers
Salve of Power
Lucky Charm +3
Gauntlets of Blood (paragon)
Demonskin tattoo (paragon)
Mantle of the Seventh Wind (Mindweave) +5
Ring of the Radiant Storm
Ring of Tenacious Will (2/19/2012)
Cincture of vivacity

Belt of the Bitch-King
Dice of Auspicious Fortune
Headband of Intellect
Cloak of Distortion +4
Translocating Mindweave +4
Staff of Ruin +5
Magic Tome +5
War Ring
Hero gauntlets 4/15
Boots of eagerness 4/15

Defensive Bastard Sword +5
Shadow Hound Darkhide armor +4
Boots of the fencing master
Necklace of Fate +4
Alliance Band
Ring of Personal Gravity
Backbone Belt
Shield of the World Tree
Bag of Holding
Ring of Many Forms
Hero gauntlets 4/15

Disrupting Mace +3
necklace of prayer beads +5
Seashimmer Cloak +4
Gloves of the Healer (paragon)
Boots of Dancing (paragon)
Bracers of Iron Arcana (paragon)
Phoenix Sash (paragon)
Benefactor’s Forgemail +4

Marauder Darkhide armor +4
Bloodiron Scimitars +5
Skyrender Javelin +4
Horned helm Paragon
Gauntlets of blood (epic)
Totemic Belt (paragon)
Iron Armbands of Power (paragon)
War Ring
Badge of the Berserker +4

to break down:

Robe of Eyes Mindweave +4
winged boots (paragon)
Staff of Ruin +4
Symbol of Sacrifice +4

108800 gold in mithril pieces
745 gold

crystal key
mithral key
117000 Residuum
Climbing Kit
10600 Healing ritual components
1900 Arcane Ritual Components
6400 Religion ritual components
1 crate of whiskey

Portal Coordinates
Drakesbury Caravanserie
Drakesbury Arcane tower
Order of the Dragon Commanderie
Mote Alezrash
Hawthorne Keep

Create Teleportation Circle ritual book
Lich transformation ritual
Demicache ritual
arcane notes
porn drawings

Hunting horn
gray dragon scales & claws
5 everburning torches
99 sunrods
Crystal Shard from astral sea that used to glow

Everful flagon
instant campsite
Cask of Liquid Goal

Feasting Table (at castle hawthorn)

Loot and XP

Aeryth Alucinor