Mote Alizrash

For many millennia, Genasi have built their cities on earthmotes, rough hemispheres of land usually miles in diameter that float in the air high above the ground like a flying mountain. Most of these were raised by powerful rituals long ago, but it is thought that some earthmotes were left from the shaping of the world, and some were brought to the world from the Elemental Chaos.

Mote Alizrash is the nearest Genasi city to the Kingdom of Coryn. It is situated about a weeks journey south of the Coryn, about a mile above the River Dwimmer. Below the city is a large customs house with docks along the river. At the customs house is a public teleportation circle and a permanent gate which leads to the city high above.

Access to the city is by skyship, teleportation circle or the gate from the customs house. Note that the teleportation circles in the city itself are for the most part private and heavily guarded.

On a smaller, bowl shaped earthmote above the city is a permanent gate to the Elemental Chaos which allows pure, fresh water to flow out and spill over in a waterfall down onto the larger mote. A river flows across the city into a small lake which is drained by another permanent gate to the Elemental Chaos.

Atop one of the peeks surrounding the city is The Pyre, a pillar of flame which issues from another permanent gate to the Elemental Chaos.


Mote Alizrash

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