The Dragon's Watch

When Lord William brought his cohort north into the Dwimmer Vale, one company was made up of members of the Order of the Dragon, a group of priests and holy knights dedicated to Bahamut.

After Lord William became the Duke of Coryn, several members of the company settled down in the vale to the east of Drakesbury. The remaining members established a new commandery (headquarters for the local chapter) of the Order of the Dragon. This commandery, called the Dragon’s Watch is situated guarding the pass through the Wyvernspire Mountains into The Wild.

The commandery is a large and strongly fortified keep overlooking the pass, commanding a strong tactical position. The Dragon’s Watch is the main center of worship and training for those dedicated to Bahamut in the region, and has a large temple and cloisters inside the walls. Clerics, Paladins, Invokers and Avengers dedicated to Bahamut all live and train here.


The Dragon's Watch

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