9 Petalspread, 1106: Meeting at the Orc’s Head. Fell Taint Battle

10 Petalspread, 1106: Audience with Duke. Meeting with peasants from Atherton.

11 Petalspread, 1106: Travel to Atherton, Track Goblins to ruined manor. Fight with Goblins. Return to Atherton

12 Petalspread, 1106: Travel back to ruined manor. Encounter with Reavers. Hobgoblin trail picked up at the manner. Encounter with Bullywugs. Camped in swamp.

13 Petalspread, 1106: Continue tracking hobgoblins to tower in the Haunted Moor. Scouting tower around twilight. Retreated a distance a way and made camp.

14 Petalspread, 1106: Built smokey campfire to draw hobgoblins out. Hobgoblin patrol encountered and destroyed. Sounded signal horn to attempt to draw out the others. No such luck. Assault on the tower. Free slaves, take slaves back to nearest village (Thornton). Bring wagon back from Thornton to get load of iron bars. Villager from Thornton (whom Samael insists on calling Jeeves) decides to accompany party with wagon.

15 Petalspread, 1106: Travel from Thornton to Atherton, dropping off peasants at various villages. Travel from Atherton to Drakesbury where they arrive around Compline. Drop off two hobgoblin prisoners.

16 Petalspread, 1106: Early meeting at the castle for a debriefing with the Duke, Sir Malcolm and one of the Duke’s agents, Worf, a half-orc. Leaving the debriefing the watch sergeant rides up and reports that more Fell Taints are back at Starsworn’s place. They arrive to defeat the fell taints and a Beholder Gauth. For the service to the Duchy, the Duke awards them a large house inside the city. Meet the ghost.

17 Petalspread, 1106: Investigating the death of Julia Orifer. Meet with neighbor, ex-Neighbor Olivia Achard (nee Garland) and Master Oribater the head of the Goldsmith’s Guild.

18 Petalspread, 1107: Murder of Julia solved, it was committed by ex-neighbor Olivia. Suspect William Balliol cleared of suspicion, takes on work with Hawthorne Society as steward of Hawthorne Hall.

  • Servants hired:
    1. William Balliol, Steward
    2. Matilda Digby, Cook
    3. Mistress Alice Parry, Housekeeper
    4. Richard Simms, Valet
    5. Richard Faintree, Footman
    6. Jon Lovett, Groom
    7. Sara Gilpin, scullery maid
    8. Joan Gifford, Chamber maid
    9. Felice Gifford, Kitchen maid

Events from this point on are in roughly chronological order but dates are uncertain.

  • Head Shaman of Coryn asks Hawthorne Society to recover the Crown of Kaeryn, so Coryn can become a kingdom again. The last king of Kaeryn fell in war, and three of his knights were trusted with the crown, but they were attacked by a lich. Lich’s lair was later taken over by a band of mercenaries, who then disbanded 10 years ago.
  • Raided the former lair of the lich, fought the undead remanants of the mercenaries, recovered a clue hidden in a standard owned by one of the knights.
  • Followed that clue to a ancient primal site of power that had been corrupted by undeath. Fought and killed an undead dragon, found clue pointing to the Feywild.
  • Entered the Feywild on the first day of the full moon, battled through to the former home of the third knight, an Eladrin. Recovered the Crown of Kaeryn, and made it back out of the Feywild on the last day of the full moon. Party returns to Drakesbury and prepare for coronation.
  • Duke was out for a ride/hunt and was kidnapped. Drakesbury comes under attack from combined force of hobgoblins and humans. Sir Malcolm brings Earl Richard to the Hawthorne Society and asks us to take him out of the city for his safety. Party takes Richard to a safe place to await Sir Malcolm.
  • Sir Malcolm arrives at the safe location, and asks the Hawthorn Society to sneak in via secret entrance to Drakesbury and attack the usurper, “Prince” John. Party makes their way back to Drakesbury, sneaks in, and kills the usurper. Sir Malcolm leads attack and defeats the enemy army. Duke Thomas was killed.
  • Richard is crowned King of Coryn, and bestows Knighthood on the members of the Hawthorne Society, except for Oris who declines the honor. Oris is instead made a master of the Conlegium Arcanum.
  • Three new recruits join the Hawthorne Soceity: Granite Rockbottom (Goliath Warden); Elaine Benoit (Human Cleric of Pelor); and a Genasi Wizard, whom some call “Tim”.
  • The first Blood Moon occurs. People all over the city begin babbling in Abyssal about the coming of Abraxus. Research reveals the prophecy: Thrice shall the Blood Moon rise, Once for Prophecy, Once for Madness, Once for the end of all things. Research links Abraxus to the East, where the Badlands are.
  • Samael, Ira, and the three new members


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