Goliath Earth Warden


The Goliath known as Granite Strongarm isn’t the largest Goliath, nor the heaviest, but he certainly is among the toughest and strongest of his kind. His second name, Strongarm, was given to him to represent his strength of arms and is not his family name, nor clan name. His first name, Granite, is indeed his given name by his parents, though his birth was a thing of prophesy among his people. His mother, a warrior of his people, was badly injured while still carrying Granite and it was thought that the wound would be enough to have killed the unborn Goliath, though this was not the case. It seemed the primal spirits had protected the child, and by extension, his mother. Both lived, despite the odds against them, and the child was named Granite, after the very stone, for being tough enough to withstand a weapon blow before birth and come out unscathed.

Granite was raised to respect nature and become one with the natural surroundings. The teachings of both the primal spirits, as well as Melora, were his guiding examples of what he could expect to be.

Upon his completion of the rituals of adulthood, Granite was told of the prophesy surrounding his birth, and the people of the tree he was to protect and become one with. For, should they fail, the world was certainly doomed. There was much more to the telling of the prophesy that he learned, like the Blood Moon, and various other parts, but much of it was abstract and until the Hawthorn Society became known, he knew not where his direction lied.

Upon the day of learning about the Hawthorn Society, Granite was visited by a primal spirit of the earth. They spoke at length concerning the man’s task ahead of him, and the confirmation that The Hawthorn Society was indeed the people he was to protect with his life. Within moments, Granite was saying his goodbyes and gathering the things he would need. He knew that it would be a long time before he would see his family again, if he ever would. However, this did not trouble the Goliath, for his task was far above the needs of the one, and he had Melora’s blessings.


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